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1Showmb: Influencer Platform - Nitika Whig - The Shopaholic Diaries.1
SMB: 5
6+ months
Nitika Whig (Nitika Bhatia) The Shopaholic Diaries.The Shopaholic Diaries.The Shopaholic Diaries is a Fashion and Lifestyle blog founded and managed by Nitika Bhatia. It is a platform to share my love for shopping. Report
• Influencer Marketing Beauty
• Influencer Marketing Fashion
• Influencer Marketing Shopping
• Influencer Marketing Travel and trips
2Showmb: Influencer Platform -  Mikey Hood - Music and Travel.2
SMB: 4
6+ months
Mikey Hood (Vivid)  Music and Travel.Music and Travel.VIVID is a Billboard-charting producer and DJ who regularly tours Asia performing for 1,000s. VIVID is your connection to the Asian youth. Report
• Influencer Marketing Fashion
• Influencer Marketing Entertainment, leisure, events and parties
• Influencer Marketing Music
• Influencer Marketing Technology
• Influencer Marketing Travel and trips
3Showmb: Influencer Platform -   Daniel Montero - An Argentine in Japan 3
SMB: 4
5 months
Daniel Montero (Argentinosoy) An Argentine in Japan An Argentine in Japan I came to Japan 26 years ago, I'm currently 35, I work and live one night. With the best life i could have a person in Jp Report
• Influencer Marketing Holidays and traditions
• Influencer Marketing Internet
• Influencer Marketing Lifestyle
4Showmb: Influencer Platform -    Angel Briley - Travel & Lifestyle Blogger4
SMB: 3
6+ months
Angel Briley (Angel Abroad) Travel & Lifestyle BloggerTravel & Lifestyle BloggerHi! My name is Angel, a twenty-something constantly in search of thrilling adventures abroad. I also spend my time documenting them ;) Report
• Influencer Marketing Fashion
• Influencer Marketing Travel and trips
5Showmb: Influencer Platform -     Cesar Augusto Carrillo Pimentel - Peruvian dance teacher 5
SMB: 3
5 months
Cesar Augusto Carrillo Pimentel (Chiclao ) Peruvian dance teacher Peruvian dance teacher I am a fun and transparent person with a good heart Report
• Influencer Marketing Celebrities
• Influencer Marketing Culture
• Influencer Marketing Fashion
• Influencer Marketing Sports
• Influencer Marketing Dance
records per page.

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